The numbers don't lie. Home staging has an emotional impact on potential buyers and allows them to visualize a HOME, not just a house. When deciding on a purchase, most of the products we end up buying are influenced by a feeling. "This product will make me feel comfortable. That one will make me feel confident." And a house is no different. Our team spends hours each week researching design trends and searching for unique pieces to add to our staging collection. We approach home staging from an interior design and styling perspective to create environments that draw people in. Our styles are always timeless and never sacrifice relevance.



 From furniture to textiles, our growing collection of classic and modern decor will have your home from vacant to sold in no time. Contact us today for a free consultation or to discuss your staging needs.


 Still living in your home while it's on the market? That's ok, but potential buyers still want to feel invited when touring through your space. We combine subtle additions with rearrangement to elevate your home's selling potential.

Update & Stage

 Sometimes the most subtle changes like new paint or fixtures can make all the difference to potential buyers. Minor updates to your home's appearance will increase it's appeal and set the backdrop for a beautifully staged home. Let us handle it all.